Great Blue, our New '18 Wiggins lift

Taking WAM to the next level...

Our new Wiggins Marina Bull 4.3 provides the versatility of handling boats weighing 25,000 lbs.  Even more impressive is having the ability to lift boats that weigh 15,000 lbs 15 feet into the second story of our rack building.

When we found out this lift would be the largest on Winnipesaukee, the name Great Blue seemed fitting.  The Great Blue Heron makes WAM their summer home and boaters always revel at their beauty.   We find boaters as intrigued when Great Blue is moving a boat about the yard.    


dockside market

double the gas is good

A convenience store should be just that, convenient.  Dockside Market will be relocated to the point where Winnipesaukee Marine Construction now sits.  This location is the widest section of our channel and the peninsula will allow docking along three sides of the new building.  Bringing these services closer to the sand bar and away from our docking basin will bring about better navigation.  Dedicated docking for the store, restrooms and the addition of a gas pump and pump out will double our ability to serve you.


Club house

We're getting a pool

Just like the kitchen in your house, John's office is the place people seem to gravitate to.   Our gated entrance will now have lanes dedicated to WAMily members with a separate lane for guests and launchers to check in.  In the future we hope breakfast and lunch will be available at Relish, our poolside deli.  Packaged sandwiches will be made fresh daily and available for purchase at the Dockside Market.


Club House and pool deck from above


Club house, entrance road view